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Posted by on Aug 24, 2008 in Politics | 0 comments

Election 2008: Wisconsin

Wisconsin is probably one of the most interesting states from a political standpoint. Over the years it has been a GOP bastion, a socialist beachhead, a progressive stronghold and, more recently, a Democratic-leaning state.

President: Although it has been 24 years since the Republicans last won the state in a Presidential election, it has been very close in the last couple of campaigns. This could be a state where the McCain VP choice plays a role (especially if he picks Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty).

But, for now, I give the edge to Obama based on Wisconsin’s long history of voting for Democrats.

Leans Democrat

House: Democrats should retain four seats while the GOP should keep control of at least three.

In the 8th District we have incumbent Steve Kagen (D) in a rematch with Republican John Gard. Kagen was one of the surprise winners in 2006, so the race should be equally close.

However, Kagen has worked hard to connect with voters and should retain a slight edge.

Leans Democrat