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Posted by on Apr 22, 2010 in Education, Health, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, Society | 0 comments

Earth Day: Photography Studio for Our Mother

If you were a raptor and flew over the earth,
you would see with your specialized eyes–
many of the same amazements
gigantic glass eyes of satellites see,
they who fly on wings of steel.
Sometimes humans are weak–
but their technology is strong.
Bless the tech that truly blesses us back.

See here, to view the many aerial views of your Mother in all her beauty and travails.

NASA shows us the fires in Northern Washington, the vast bald terrain in the once unending rain forest in the Mato Grosso in Brazil (the dark green is all that is left; the light green is developed in one way or another, the lightest brown green is dirt), the earths Pacific typhoones, the erosions, sea ice, and more. Click on the various resolutions of the photos next to the pix to see enlargements.

There is this: Mata Grosso destruction

But there is also this sweetness, still standing

It’s so amazing to me that we can see these two places in this very moment, without being there: one so hot and relentless, and one so very ice on eyebrows. I am not sure what “Earth Day” really is… I just know that every day is Earth day in the soul…

and that in our time, rather than waiting for the land to rise up in its pain or rage or beauty and come to us– one can choose ten places on earth to monitor the Mother’s condition from day to day in aerial views… and if so moved, locomote forward to learn more, to care for, assist, regard, protect, find balance that is reciprocal and not one-sided.

The one-sided tilt is what causes otherwise worthy ships to completely capsize. Many are waiting for the more visionary captains to show up to sail this blue vessel of the Mother through the star fields… but the most visionary captains, are, always have been, us.

Peace be with you.

end note: the link now works.