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Posted by on Sep 13, 2013 in Featured, Guns | 16 comments

(UPDATED) Original report Dr. Shiping Bao that George Zimmerman Shot Trayvon Martin in the Back is disavowed


As George Zimmerman continues to self-destruct, former associate medical examiner Dr. Shiping Bao is dropping ‘bombshells’ all over the place, starting with his threat of filing a $100 million wrongful termination lawsuit, to accusing the prosecution of deliberately throwing the case. Bao’s latest bombshell is that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in the back and not in the chest area:

According to the former assistant coroner, the results of Martin’s autopsy clearly showed that, despite Zimmerman’s statements regarding their altercation, there was no feasible way for Martin to have been on top of Zimmerman when the gun was fired,  because the bullet entered Martin’s back.
The person who wrote the original report upon which this post — which questions this report at the bottom — was based has now issued a correction on the original report and apologized:

UPDATE 1:38 PM EST, 9/14/13: In response to our inquiry, Alternet reporter Rod Bastanmehr apologized for the “potential inaccuracy” in his report which alleged that Dr. Shiping Bao claimed George Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the back.

[Here’s the rest of the original TMV report on that report including the TMV author’s questions raised about it:]

Bao claims that the prosecution never actually asked him the questions that were crucial to the success in the case, and that he changed his opinion from the time he initially examined Martin and the time he was on the stand.  Bao and his attorney say they believe he was fired for questioning the way the case was handled, and possibly for not going long with the desired narrative.

Bao testified in court that the amount of marijuana that was found in Martin’s system at the time of his death would have had little to no effect on his ability to reason—even though initially he had stated that the drug could have possible impaired his mental state.

I don’t recall seeing any charts during the trial that showed any bullet holes in Trayvon Martin’s back. Is this BS or was there a massive cover-up between the medical examiner’s office, the prosecutors and the Sanford Police Department. Sounds a little far-fetched to me. Also, wouldn’t the undertaker know if the teen had a bullet wound in his back?

Here’s the link to Trayvon Martin’s autopsy report:

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