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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Education, Health, Passages, Politics, Religion, Society | 6 comments

Dr. E. Speaks on Evil: Coast to Coast AM Radio tonight with George Noory

From 1am – 3am MOUNTAIN TIME tonight, I will be on George Noory’s show on Coast to Coast AM radio. [please go to this webpage to see times and radio stations in your area.] We will be discussing the phenomenon of ‘evil’ in our time and in ancient times. I’ll be bring my usual perspective in three ways: psychological, religious and metaphysical ways we speak about evil.

Likely you in your time, as I have in my time, been steamrollered by the damage done to souls by evil acts, neglects. And seen too, how long a person so affected is like Rachel crying out on the hills of Ramah, unable to be comforted, for all the little boy children of her tribe have been slain overnight by order of an unspeakably evil king.

Chapter 8 in my most recent book, ‘Untie the Strong Woman’ is about an all encompassing form of evil that marched across Europe when people my age were children (1930s-1940s and beyond)… wherein all matters holy to people were destroyed, buried, punished, broken, people sent to slave labor camps, executed… for those who dominated and those who served them in agreement, or in fear– did not want the people to hold the sacred close…

The dictators attempted to destroy the art of the sacred ceremony, paintings, dance, song, architecture, prayer, books, audioworks, films, churches, temples, synagogues, communities, farms and Nature herself by burning her forests, polluting her lands with enormous propagandized factories and ‘work co-operatives’… in order that people would bow to the subhuman ideas of herding the collective: to bow to mere self-centered men and women with the idea of ‘cleansing the untermenschen from the earth’, instead of cleaving to an ethic of decency, what some call Principal Love, Creator; what I call in my work, “Source without source.”

In this way predators sought to control literally entire nations for more than 40 years, hoping to dishearten and gut the people of their spirits and souls completely so the people would become automatons who never veered and never questioned and never resisted, who were ready workers for paltry pay or promise of ‘a better life’ [if ever it came while the higher ups rampantly stole goods and monies and lived like kings on the backs of the populace who were not allowed to immigrate or leave the nation or else face death.]

Part of the vile scheme was that the enslaved and propagandized would agree to be conscripted to die in wars at the whim of their captors. And who would in the meantime, realizing their oppression often become bitter…

But what those nations dictators did not count on, is that sometimes the bitter turn to more than regaling what is wrong: some hopefully also become subversives within the cruel times of their own nation.

And thus the dictators failed. The people rose up and in some cases chased them away, in other cases mowed them down without mercy as the dictators had done to hundereds of thousands of the innocent. The people took back, slowly, their holy places, reconstructed their sacred gathering places, began to restore their broken land and waters… are still reconvening the holy… but now without fear of being immediately reported to death squads.

Yet, as we see across the world more unconscienced ones have come to take the old and cruel dictators’ places in our times. The Wheel of Life and Death continues to turn. Evil still shows up.

Vigilance, to the best of our abilities, is our holy daily act; to speak, see, say, hear, know, tell, and especially to act in useful ways to preserve the holy, that is, the humane and decent, within our reach. Subversively if need be, in the open if can be, while oppressed if one currently truly is, while free in order to remain free… there is the ticket to rise up__ to keep a heart for the holy that engenders others as human beings no matter what.

In fairytales and in legends, as in actual life, evil does not often show up in horns and with a tail. Rather banal, unremarkable often, until going for the throat of others… but too, in some significant way with lack of conscience for those beyond oneself and one’s own minions. Often charming [at first] in some way which is practiced with great artificiality. Often cloying and invasive incrementally, in folklore, evil takes a hold because it is talked away by the innocents, or even by those about to be devoured by it. It’s as though a mass of people have fallen asleep in some way –that is merely human [often people bend over backward to give others the benefit of the doubt]… but this slowness to react is what an inhumane person counts on to gather his/her prey.

If I were asked, however, I would say Be not afraid. Neither see demons where there are none, nor make big ones out of little insignificant ones… but also resist to the best of our abilities, the profound dehumanizing of innocent souls for no holy reason other than an ego’s self-centered drive to be ‘the special one,’ with no demonstrated regard, no consistent care and no unassailible concern for the pain, boundaries, or life pathways of others.

Remaining awake and moving to resist, in one’s own ways, are more than halfway to a winning battle. To each his own. To each her own.


In the Coast to Coast AM archives there is also a show with George Noory and myself from November of 2011 on the over-culture’s (as I call the mainstream culture of our times) and its often intense desire to demote and demean what some call extra-sensory experience… which is in the psychological discipline I follow, seen not as irrational, but as non-rational, meaning another way of knowing. The November 2011 show runs about two hours with a brief segment before on news of the day. It was a good interview. Mr. Noory asks thoughtful questions, has a mind that has seen/heard much from many different kinds of guests over time, has a spontaneous open mind… and he also plays some boss Rock n’ Roll during breaks.