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Posted by on Aug 26, 2008 in At TMV | 23 comments

DNC: “Discourse” with Michelle Malkin, Did the MSM Get It Right?

First, scan this from The Denver Post online:

Protesters at a Recreate 68 event at the Denver Mint this afternoon swarmed conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, circling around her and shouting at her until she left the area.

Malkin, a blogger, syndicated columnist, sometimes Fox New commentator and author of a controversial book defending racial profiling in the war on terror, showed up at the event to “levitate” the mint shortly after 5 p.m. today. She said she was there for work.

Protesters, led by 9/11 truther Alex Jones, seized upon her appearance, soon crowding around and leading to a brief shoving match.

“Get out of here Malkin, you shame!” a red-faced Jones shouted.

Police mostly stood by, and Malkin eventually left, as Jones followed.

Then, look at this video and see if you might agree, that MSM version of reality versus us ‘outside-the-DNC bloggers’ version of reality don’t quite match up. The film was shot by fellow-traveler peoplespresscollective: name, “elpresidente.”

I admit, it is heart-starting, or else heart-stopping, to see/hear/smell a big big man bellowing and smelling of acrid excited sweat, so close that his spit is literally spraying you. It is also stunning to see the laughing cruelty of the ‘mad hatter’ man who began dancing to his own giggly chant of ‘Kill Michelle Malkin.’ All politics aside, how can this possibly be discourse? It isn’t even quality street theatre. I’m convinced it is for more than one, an addiction of crack proportions…. to using the glass lenses of the cameras, as one’s only mirror.