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Posted by on Apr 30, 2011 in At TMV | 13 comments

District TMV being retired

Hello readers!

District TMV, our forum-styled commenting system, is being retired tonight. There will be period of time on Saturday (04/30) where there will be no comments allowed while we bring up the traditional WordPress comment system. District TMV brought an interesting twist to TMV’s comments but has proven difficult to manage (front and behind the scenes) and has security issues.

You WILL NOT have to create a new login name and password. Your current TMV ID will work.

We will keep District TMV open in READ ONLY mode so you can view comments on previous posts.

District TMV has been officially disabled. The standard comment system is back with some twists:

1. You can edit your own comments for 5 minutes after you post it.
2. You can click the gray square above the comment box and get a bigger window to type into.
3. Facebook connect coming soon.

District TMV will be added back in the next several days so you can view previous comments made on posts. Stay tuned for more updates.