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Posted by on Feb 2, 2007 in Politics | 7 comments

Dick Morris at Pajamas Media

Pajamas Media published an interview with “America’s most famous and/or infamous political prognosticator?” – Dick Morris.

He predicts that the Democrats will win in 08, quite big even, that Hillary might / will become President, the she will “mess it up” though, the Republicans will – then – win in ’10 and ’12.

Although he first thought that Hillary has the democratic nomination in her pocket, he changed his mind a bit: it might become more difficult for her than anticipated.

Edwards might go a long way, according to Morris. “I think that Edwards will be in ’till the end… He could well be a serious challenge to her [Hillary]. What he is trying to do is to re-create the Lamont-Lieberman fight, with him as Lamont and Hillary as Lieberman.”

Obama: not President… but VP.
“Obama is like a stem cell. He can become any part of the body he wants to be.”

“He can become the new Democrat that Hillary wanted to be and that Bill Clinton was when he won the nomination.”

Two big changes in voting behavior according to Morris: “the big change is the environmentalism of the young vote. I think that this are kids that went to school, who learned about global warming in school, learned about green issues, and are growing up heavily environmentalist” and… “the growth of the Hispanic population”. “I think that the Republican party alienated them with their anti-immigration stuff, and with the anti-amnesty stuff as many people called it, and I think that that drove the Hispanic vote back into the arms of the Democratic party”. If you look 10 years from down the road, African-Americans and Hispanics combined are going to cast over a third of the vote, and you’re going to see red states like Texas flip, like California did, and become permanently blue states”.

Dick – of course – makes some good points, but I disagree with him on a number of things, one of them is about Hillary’s ability to be a good President. He predicts that she will “mess it up”. If there is someone who – in my opinion – won’t mess it up, it is Hillary. She has a lot of experience, she is surrounded by the best of the best, her husband is a former President who is still highly popular, both domestically and abroad, the list goes on and on. If I were American, and I wanted to be ‘safe’, I’d consider voting for her.

Besides, can one mess it up more than President Bush has messed it up? I’m far from anti-Bush, but the reality of the situation is that he is not exactly America’s best President ever.

Anyway, for those interested: it’s a good readwatch over at PJM. Go check it out for yourself.