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Posted by on Sep 23, 2010 in Politics | 0 comments

Demonization 101

Here’s a little primer for those wanting to prepare for political careers and who are researching demonization. Here’s an easy way to use this technique and get away with it because it’ll be picked up by like minded talk show hosts and websites.

1. Find a joke your opponent told about himself/herself. One that was presented as such — not presented as actual fact.
2. Repeat it as if it’s a fact and/or said he admitted it.

It can cut down times of time you’d have to spend on doing things as tiresome, boring and time-gobbling as actually researching out issues, present specifics to voters about what you would do (rather than just not do) and offer them actual solutions.

And of course, since a video will help you learn this technetium (talk show hosts are busy people and have to find something to fill their time quickly and like-minded political websites love to pass along anything whatsoever that can in any way discredit the party opposed to yours) we offer you THIS LINK THAT YOU CAN VIEW AND STUDY. (We here at TMV try to make this an edifying experience for readers).