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Posted by on Jul 8, 2014 in Politics | 7 comments

Democrats now take the lead

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Maybe it was the Supreme Court’s outrageous political decision, its religiosity, and its paternalism that finally did it, but the Democrats are now in the lead politically as we slide towards November. Political Wire reports on the latest Quinnipiac poll showing 41/39 lead in the “generic House ballot.”

Democrats like democracy and a low-key, secular, and non-hysterical form of government. Checking out what we’ve had over the past several decades, Dems have also done much better with money, leaving the government in the black, cleaning up Republican messes. They also tend not to be in the habit of stamping their little feet and refusing to do any work, unlike Republicans.

What was it we heard on NPR the other day? The actual work time the House Republican leadership has scheduled for now through October adds up to something between a week and a half and three weeks?

You can add ’em up yourself. I’m seeing some days in July, zero work in August, ten days in September, two days in October…

How about — starting now — we pay our representatives by the hour, not including raising money for their campaigns nor for campaigning?

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