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Posted by on Mar 24, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Government, Politics | 25 comments

Cruz and Kasich Being Used to Elect President Ryan

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Opinion and Baseless Speculation

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are either dumb as rocks or they’re part of the scam. Who are the scammers and scammees? The scammers are the Republican power brokers, who some pundits foolishly claim have lost their brokering power. The scammees are Republican voters who think their votes will actually have meaning in selecting the Republican nominee. Cruz and Kasich may also be scammees if they are, in fact, dumb as rocks and not in on the ruse. One other possibility is that Cruz is being taken by his ego for a ride, while Kasich is in on the joke.


For all the endorsements and general tomfoolery, nobody who is anybody in the Republican Party really wants Ted Cruz to be their presidential nominee. As recently as today, Lindsey Graham, who officially has endorsed Cruz, said that Kasich would be a better president. That means he is endorsing someone, Cruz, he thinks would not be a good president. Huh? Explain please.


A little critical analysis. Cruz and Kasich, as a tag team, can probably stop Trump from reaching the 1237 delegates he needs to get the nomination. Everything else, including endorsements for Cruz and soft calls for Kasich to leave the race, are all sleight of hand. There is only one goal, and it’s not to get Cruz the nomination; it is to keep Trump short so the power brokers can slide Paul Ryan into the nomination at a deadlocked/contested/brokered convention.


If Trump enters Cleveland with 1125 to 1175 delegates ( a likely scenario), Cruz with 700 or so (also likely, perhaps a bit optimistic), Kasich a couple hundred, and the rest assorted uncommitteds left over from the drop-outs, Cruz’s assumption that the nomination falls to him is childish fantasy. He will have won some 30% of the primary vote, or less, is hated by power brokers of the Party and is lagging in the polls against Hillary Clinton. Remember that the ultimate goal of the power brokers, aka the ones with working brains, is to win the presidency, hold the Senate and maintain a substantial majority in the House. Neither nominee-Trump nor nominee-Cruz accomplishes those goals. Either choice likely fails in at least two of the three by losing the presidency and the Senate majority.


But, with a weak Democratic nominee at the top of the ticket, the power brokers can begin printing invitations for their friends to attend President Ryan’s inauguration. Why Ryan?   Because this is the Republican Party. All things being equal, the nomination goes to the next in line. Ryan ran for VP last time and took up the unenviable task of House Speaker at one of the most difficult periods of history, with some success. No one looks more “next in line” than Paul Ryan.


On to the head fake that is Paul Ryan claiming he isn’t interested and won’t take the nomination if offered. Nonsense. This pretense is little more that Midwestern faux humility, an act Paul Ryan has down to Oscar-worthy performance art. Look what he’s doing while insisting he doesn’t want the nomination. He’s gently shoring his cred as the non-racist who scolds anti-Muslim moves by Trump and Cruz, and demands instant disavowance of endorsements from former KKK Grand Wizards. He’s backing away from former running mate Mitt Romney’s “makers and takers” meme that Ryan gladly echoed in 2012.


He is, bluntly, moving to palatable positions designed for a general election, the positions that disqualify Cruz and Trump as electoral possibilities. He is channeling Jack Kemp. Compassionate, non-racist, but still determined to phase out Medicare into a “voucher” program and privatize Social Security while outlawing abortion, though he’d have exceptions for rape incest and life of the mother, unlike Cruz.


Well, there it is. Opinion and rank speculation. But, don’t let yourselves be among the scammees. You heard it here, and it’s worth your consideration. At least that’s what I’m thinking this quiet Thursday morning. You can decide for yourselves what you think a Ryan presidency will look like, and, God knows, you may get to see the real thing.