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Posted by on Sep 19, 2019 in Cartoons, Politics | 0 comments

COREY’S FAIRY TALES (Cartoon, Column and Video)

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told the House Judiciary Committee that he has “no obligation to be honest with the media.” So, this morning when he was interviewed by Alisyn Camerota, there are no legal consequences to his lying and evading simple questions, like, “Have you talked to the president (sic) since your hearing yesterday?” or questions on considerations about hush-money payments to women Trump slept with. Corey Lewandowsky does have the legal right to lie to the media, to his children, to his wife, and to the American people. It’s a right Donald Trump exercises every day. As for there being an obligation to be truthful, that’s another matter.

Lewandowski is a private citizen. He does not work for the White House or for Donald Trump (if you’re a Republican, those are two different things). When Donald Trump asks Lewandowski to commit a crime, there is no executive privilege for him to cite in a Congressional hearing. Congress is not the media. Lewandowski has an obligation, a legal one at that, to not only tell the truth but to answer questions.

The White House asked/told Lewandowski not to reveal any conversations he’s had with Donald Trump. Since Lewandowski doesn’t work for the White House, he doesn’t have executive privilege. Citing a privilege that’s not his and not answering a simple question, like did Trump tell you to tell then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to limit the scope of the Mueller Report, Lewandowski is defying a subpoena and breaking the law.

It’s not important that Lewandowsky took his kids on vacation, which was his excuse for not delivering Trump’s message to Sessions. It’s not important that there are also “a lot of guns” in the safe where he keeps his notes, which he voluntarily divulged when asked about the whereabouts of his notes. It’s not important if a Congressman revealed to his children, who Lewandowski claimed were watching, that there’s no tooth fairy. Though it may be important that Lewandowski is teaching his children they have no obligation to tell the truth. What’s important is that Donald Trump attempted to obstruct justice and Corey Lewandowski stonewalled the answers. Fortunately, Lewandowski isn’t smart enough to do it all day and he finally slipped and confirmed that Trump asked him to obstruct justice, an impeachable offense.

Donald Trump should be impeached and Lewandowski should be held in contempt. The White House doesn’t care if Lewandowski is held in contempt because it would drag out the process even further. Trump will sell his most loyal subjects down the river to buy time. It doesn’t matter to Republicans that the White House and their subordinates break the law because Democrats have to obey it.

Democratic committee attorney Barry Berke played several clips of interviews where Lewandowski lied to the media. This is when Lewandowski said he had “no obligation to have a candid conversation with the media.” Berke punched holes in Lewandowski’s executive privilege by pointing out that the admitted liar had published conversations with senior White House officials in his book Let Trump Be Trump. That’s the thing about Trump sycophants. Like Trump, they’re not smart enough to remain consistent with their lies.

During his CNN interview this morning, Lewandowski claimed the Mueller Report exonerated Trump on obstruction and collusion while also revealing, many times, that he hasn’t read it. Camerota pointed out that the Mueller Report does NOT exonerate Trump to which, Lewandowski responded by screaming about “fake news.”

Lewandowski refused to read the Mueller Report. He refused to read passages out loud during yesterday’s hearing. He refused to read his own statements. Maybe he can’t read.

The Democrats did not do a good job of managing the hearing yesterday, but Republicans shouldn’t celebrate a combative liar who succeeded in proving he truly is an asshole. Donald Trump praised him, despite learning there’s no tooth fairy.

It’s too bad Lewandowski’s kids learned the horrible truth that a fairy doesn’t invade their bedrooms while they’re sleeping to financially compensate them each time they lose a tooth. But that myth is harmless and at some point, kids grow up and stop believing in it. Unfortunately, grown adults still believe in the myth that’s Donald Trump. It worries me what other myths Lewandowski is teaching his children.

At one point during the hearing, Lewandowski said Democrats hate Trump more than they love America. From watching the hearing, his children learned their father loves the cult more than he loves America.

And in case you’re a Republican, Donald Trump is not America.

Watch me draw.

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