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Posted by on Jul 16, 2011 in At TMV | 37 comments

Conservatives/Libertarians are Teenagers

Remember when the government mandated low flow toilets?  The conservatives went on a crazy rant – how dare the government mandate toilets?  Of course in addition to saving water they also saved the consumer a lot of money.  When I replaced both my toilets a few years ago my pay back was less than a year thanks to reduced water and sewer bills and I have been saving money ever since.  Now they are indignant over CFL bulbs.  The old tungsten bulbs always created more heat than light so they were inefficient.  They cut down the electric bill and last longer, although I will admit they don’t always last as long as advertised.  But they still save the consumer money.  But the Teabilly House voted today to undo a Bush era regulation that phases out the inefficient tungsten bulbs.

I had the privilege of raising two teenage sons.  They both had one thing in common during the teenage years – they didn’t like anyone telling them what to do.  Conservatives and Libertarians are teenagers.  Even if it makes sense if someone tells you to do it resist.