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Posted by on Apr 28, 2012 in Economy, Guest Contributor, Politics | 2 comments

Cloud Cuckoo Land Budgeting in PA

This coming Tuesday, food stamp means testing will begin in Pennsylvania. This policy, brainchild of the state’s Governor Tom Corbett, is bizarre for several reasons. It’s cruel and will hurt the very neediest people in Pennsylvania – most of them children. The Governor is supposedly adding the test to weed out fraud – though everyone agrees that fraud in this program is virtually nonexistent. Corbett’s food stamp “reform” is also overburdening caseworkers who are barely keeping up with their enormous caseloads now.

But the strangest thing is that his asset test for food stamps, officially known as SNAP benefits, will actually loose Pennsylvania money from Washington. He is actually making Pennsylvania taxpayers pay more money to turn away federal dollars.

Governor Corbett says he’s being fiscally responsible. Doesn’t he realize this doesn’t compute?