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Posted by on Jul 18, 2013 in Crime, Featured, Politics, Race, Religion, Scandals, Society | 5 comments

City of Detroit Declares Bankruptcy: Many PC Reasons May Be Given

Detroit1The largest bankruptcy of a city in US history.

Governor Rick Snyder will hold news conference tomorrow.

The city was made, developed and given to its people.

The issue will be said to be politics, corruption.

It’s not.

It’s some people.

The ‘some’ have names.

It remains to be seen, if ‘the some’ will be called forth in disgrace.

Something, several somethings went terribly wrong for decades now…

in foresight, in reality based thinking, in discipline.

As always, for anything, a family, an invention, a woodworking project

measure twice, cut once

measure twice, glue once

measure twice, take steps

without the mean measuring, without the precise steps to create what was envisioned…

it comes to naught, half-built or rusting, unrepaired, unreplaced…

or more hopefully for Detroit, by my .02, a dream delayed.

There are GOOD people in Detroit. Let them have the city, for they will

grant mercy to those most in need of it,
and they will move to not just describe and decry, bellow and howl about what went wrong,
they will, as in the past, bend to raise, fix, move hard and relentlessly, to mend what is mendable, build what is buildable in a deep faith.

I’m for those.

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