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Posted by on Sep 6, 2008 in Uncategorized | 11 comments

Change Agents? Mavericks? I Don’t See It.

McCain and Palin are presenting themselves as change agents who will bring a new way of doing things to Washington. I’m not seeing it.

On Iraq, they want to fight until victory is achieved. That’s the long-time Bush aim. They want to keep the Bush tax cuts that are so weighted to the rich. Where’s the change? They want to appoint the same-caliber Supreme Court Justices when vacancies open up. No change there.

The major differences displayed to date by McCain and Palin when it comes to policy, in fact, seem to be with each another. McCain says he wants to work together with Democrats. Palin wants to shake things up and confront the devils. You can’t do both. You either cooperate or you duke it out. Which way is this ticket leaning?

Obviously, they’re leaning in as many ways as they can get away with. Let’s hope they are obliged by press and voters to be a tad clearer during the next two months.