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Posted by on Apr 24, 2007 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Center of Attention


A round up of recent reporting and commentary by a few centrist, moderate, and independent bloggers.

At Eclectics Anonymous, B Cline offers a detailed round up of reports and thoughts on everyone’s favorite USAG.

Megan Donovan wades through the weeds on the likely-to-be vetoed spending bill that is slowly making its way to the President’s desk.

At Black Shards, marc features a rather testy exchange with a Kos adherent. (Warning: We linked to this post to illustrate how a complete lack of moderation can destroy dialogue. The overly sensitive should view it with extreme caution. Curmudgeons and cynics, on the other hand, will probably get a kick out of it.)

The Angry Independent spotlights a sign of progress in the Imus aftermath.

Daniel DiRito examines a certain group’s claim about the implications of the Va. Tech tragedy. Money quote: “Yes, society used to be perfect and everyone had a conscience and there was no violence, no infidelity, and no sin…ah the good old days! If we would simply put God back into the schools, nothing bad would ever happen…because we know that children cannot be influenced by the behavior of their parents…just teachers and peers.”