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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Guest Contributor, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 7 comments

Cardboard Cut-Out of Obama at Mitt Romney Denver Rally Told to “Go Back to Kenya”

A cardboard cut-out of  Obama told to “go back to Kenya” and called a “Muslim community buddy” at Mitt Romney rally in Denver Tuesday.

KDVR:   “Go back to Kenya!” one person says. “Strangle him!” says another. Some of the comments were directed at the ProgressNow staffers holding up the cut-out and the video camera. “Is that your Muslim communist buddy?” one person asks. “Why are you supporting an Islamist, Marxist idiot?” asks another. “He looks real good standing on a street corner,” one passerby says. “In about three months, he’ll be doing that all the time.” The Obama cut-out was also wearing a button that said, “Thanks, Obamacare.”

This was cross-posted from The Hinterland Gazette.