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Posted by on Aug 27, 2009 in Economy, Politics | 19 comments

C4C: GM, Chrysler Losers

Domestic automakers General Motors and Chrysler — the two in the biggest world of hurt, financially — had disappointing results in the Cash For Clunkers program.

According to Reuters, GM sales accounted for 17 percent of “clunkers” business; however, GM held 21 percent of U.S. auto sales from January to July. Chrysler had a similar tale: the “clunkers” share was 6.6 percent compared to 11 percent for the first seven months of the year.

Ford inventory accounted for 14 percent of “clunkers” sales, compared to 15 percent share for January-July.

The big winners were Toyota, Honda and Nissan. All three reported sales gains, relative to the first seven months of the year.

  1. Toyota: 19.4% of the C4C sales; 17% for January-July; 16.8% market share, 2008
  2. Honda: 13% of the C4C sales; 11% for January-July; 10.8% market share, 2008
  3. Nissan: 9% of the C4C sales; 7% for January-July; 7.2% market share, 2008
  4. Ford: 14% of the C4C sales; 15% for January-July; 15.1% market share, 2008
  5. GM: 17% of the C4C sales; 21% for January-July; 22.6% market share, 2008
  6. Chrysler: 6.6% of the C4C sales; 11% for January-July; 11.0% market share, 2008

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