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Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Media, Politics, Race, Society | 21 comments

Bundy: It’s All MLK’s Fault

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Our Editor-in-Chief, Joe Gandelman, often uses the image above when writing about some personality, typically a politician, who puts his or her foot in his or her mouth, respectively.

Republican hero and patriot-turned-racist Cliven Bundy has done exactly that a couple of times already when first referring to African-Americans as being better off as slaves, picking cotton, than they are today allegedly being dependent on government and, later, pretty much repeating the same claim by questioning whether African Americans were “happier than they was when they was in the South in front of their homes with their chickens and their gardens and their children around them and their men having something to do.”

Today, Bundy in a CNN appearance took his boot off to make it easier to slip his foot in his mouth for a third time by blaming Dr. Martin Luther King for “those people” not being able to “take those kind of words” –“negro or black boy or slave” — “and not be offended.”

See for yourself below.