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Posted by on Apr 21, 2007 in At TMV | 19 comments

Building a Wall

A good post over at The Newshoggers about the astonishing news that the US military is building a wall in northern Baghdad in an effort to make it impossible for Shi’ite terrorists to commit terrorist attacks against Sunnis.

The modern version of the ‘Iron Curtain’?

Cernig writes:

The new counter-insurgency manual emphasizes the importance of information, of “hearts and minds” in counter-insurgency work. It was co-authored by Petraeus himself. Is he so desperate or so pressured by civilian masters to give them an exit that he’s walking away from his own ideas of how to do the job right?

“We’re not completely sure how the population feels either way.” said Army Sgt. Michael Pryor, a public affairs specialist for the unit building the wall, in an email to reporters. They bloody should have been sure – before they began!

You’re “not completely sure how the population feels” about you building a wall through their neighborhood? Isn’t this something that has to be supported by the local population? One would say so, wouldn’t one?