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Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in Breaking News, Featured, Iran, Politics | 36 comments

BREAKING: Iran Foreign Minister Dismisses GOP Senators’ Unprecedented Letter as a “Propaganda Ploy”

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Iran’s foreign Minister has responded to the letter written by a huge chunk of Republican Senators that’s seen by many as a transparent attempt to sandbag the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran. The letter in essence says that even if an agreement is reached Barack Obama won’t be President forever so any agreement may prove to be in the longterm meaningless. The full text of the letter is HERE.

The Huffington Post details response to the letter:

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday angrily dismissed an open letter sent by 47 U.S. senators to the Iranian government about Tehran’s ongoing nuclear negotiations.

In the letter, the Republican lawmakers note they believe the Iranian negotiators “may not fully understand [the American] constitutional system” and claim that the next American president could “with the stroke of a pen” revoke any agreement with Iran that is not approved by Congress. The threat comes as representatives of Iran and six world powers, including the United States, are working to reach a deal about Tehran’s nuclear program by the end of March.

In his scathing reply, Zarif challenged the lawmakers’ analysis, dismissing the letter as a “propaganda ploy with no legal value.”

“I wish to enlighten the authors that if the next administration revokes any agreement with ‘the stroke of a pen,’ as they boast, it will have simply committed a blatant violation of international law,” Zarif said, according to Iran’s Fars News Agency.

“I should bring one important point to the attention of the authors and that is, the world is not the United States,” he added. “The conduct of inter-state relations is governed by international law, and not by U.S. domestic law.”

Some Tweets:

Little Green Footballs:

In an unprecedented move, 47 US senators warned Iran that any nuclear deal made would last only as long as President Obama remained in office.

I don’t know how this can be anything other than Obama Derangement Syndrome at its absolute worst. There currently is no deal so how do these Republican Senators know what a deal would look like? The answer is, they don’t. They only know that Obama’s name will be attached to it so it has to go.

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