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Posted by on Jun 13, 2011 in Business, Economy, Energy, International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Society, War | 1 comment

Bilderbergers and the Ugly Truth: There’s No One in Control (Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland)

Is there a shadowy group of men and women, who behind closed doors decide the course of human events and even history? For Switzerland’s Tages Anzeiger, columnist Markus Diem Meier writes that the truth is likely far more frightening: no one can can control global events, and even the Bilderbergers, who just ended their annual meeting, are shaped by rather than shapers of events.

For the Tages Anzeiger, Markus Diem Meier writes in part:

The whole hullabaloo surrounding the conference probably serves to reinforce in Bilderbergers themselves the belief that they are incredibly influential. Perhaps they really do believe that they are the great creators of political and economic policy, maybe even of history. The frustrating truth is that even these people have only the slightest effect on the course of events, at least in the way they intend to. That’s frustrating, because it ruins any hope of being able to get a handle on the development of markets, societies, or ultimately, history. If the current power elite get it wrong, then there should at least be even more powerful individuals able to set things right. But if there really is no one capable of doing so, then there’s really nothing to support or protect us. Such is the source of the passionate love/hate relationship with these conferences. They convey a sense of security.

A look at the real world out there ought to make that very clear. Even the most powerful bankers were surprised and shocked by the financial crisis two years ago. They proved quite incapable of even understanding their own industry. In the current European market crisis, policy is obviously struggling catch up with developments and is incapable of bringing the crisis under control. And who predicted developments in North Africa? Who can say what their outcome might be? Powerful business leaders quickly become powerless when innovations make their products obsolete or too expensive. Politicians who fail to perceive the mood of the people lose their place at the helm. The seemingly most powerful individuals are shaped by rather than shaping the processes on the markets and in society.

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