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Posted by on May 25, 2010 in Economy, Science & Technology | 0 comments

Best Buy Price Hikes ‘As Advertised’ Promotions

Over at the Consumerist, a reader finds Best Buy advertising computers at higher than regular prices:

In this week’s ad, there is a Dell, sku 9693191, for $649.99. Regular price is $629.99. An HP, sku 9705373, is advertised for $699.99; regular price is $649.99. Last week, a Toshiba, sku 9705221, was advertised for $499.99, this week it’s back to regular price, $479.99. Likewise, a Dell, sku 9693191, was advertised for $649.99 last week, and this week it’s back to its regular price of $629.99.

This is certainly legal, because nowhere is the word sale used. The ad doesn’t say that the price is reduced, and the in store signage just says As Advertised. Still, it appears that they are attempting to gouge the uninformed.

Engadget has the ad. I buy nothing without web research and price shopping first. Last weekend a Western Digital My Book 2TB HD at Sam’s Club cost $159.88; at the Best Buy down the road it was $199.99. (It’s on their website now at $169.99.)

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