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Posted by on Jan 20, 2009 in At TMV | 7 comments

Barack Obama Inauguration: Best and Worst?

Perhaps you have your bests and worsts, etc., of inauguration day too?

Worst: hearing people boo Cheney and President Bush. Low, low class act.

Best of the worst: other people near the booing people, shushing the boo-ers

Best hat: Aretha Franklin was wearing a gigantic rhinestone studded hat in the shape of a gigantic bow that made her look like a beautiful be-ribboned gift.

Best overcoats: the secret service guys; full length 1950’s ‘cool guy’ stylin’

Biggest oopsie: Bush appointee, Chief Justice John Roberts (who Barack voted against) stumbled over the phrasing and the cadence of the Oath of Office, like a person clapping out of rhythm with the music, throwing Obama off… but you know it turned out okay anyway.

Most interesting co-incidence (only my two cents worth): Michelle Obama’s pretty-girlie off-white gown is reminiscent of a wedding gown with train. She looked lovely. If you can recall any other first ladies’ inauguration gowns, they look like either ‘mother of the bride’ or casket wear.

One of the best insights of this time by many: that Barack being elected means different things to blacks, depending on what generation each comes from… and more so, that the grown middle-aged children often cried today –not for themselves– but over how much this day meant to their parents, their grandparents.

Best of day: That many human beings throughout the world were heartened by this inauguration.

Hidden news: That some specific human beings throughout the world are already plotting how to screw things up.

Other best of day: realizing this inauguration was a huge ceremonial and wild wedding that everyone in the entire nation was invited to.

Other other best of the day: hearing the responses and very cool stories of just plain, regular citizens who traveled overland to the inauguration… instead of just hearing the same old talking heads of televisionland who travel about, but 99% of the time, simply don’t bother to interview serious, salt of the earth people.

Prayer: that the days after this wedding, as the reality of marriage comes up real… as it always must… that all remain focused and strong, caring and wise, no matter what blessings, no matter which challenges.