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Posted by on May 10, 2006 in At TMV | 1 comment

Around The ‘Sphere May 10, 2006

Our periodic linkfest to introduce readers to a WIDE VARIETY of views from all over the ‘Sphere. We do NOT restrict mentioned links to one viewpoint — and views do not necessary reflect the opinion of The Moderate Voice.

Academics And Israel: Oxblog’s Patrick Porter looks at proposed academic boycotts in Great Britain of Israeli lecturers and religious institutions that don’t publicly oppose Israel’s policy in the territories. A MUST READ. Here’s a section:

The great irony is that universities and their trade unions frequently espouse diversity and its associated declensions: pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance and co-existence. This liberality perhaps should be extended to academics from Israeli institutions who might support aspects of Israeli policies. Who knows, they may even have something interesting and challenging to say on the subject.

The Debate About Bill Clinton Continues: Yesterday we did THIS POST on the debate over Bill Clinton. Now The Ripon Society’s meaty site has this article titled “Maybe Clinton Was Right” which should be read in full. A tiny piece:

Ten years ago this past January, Bill Clinton delivered his State of the Union Address in which he famously declared that “The era of big government is over.� In this same speech, he also reiterated his support for school uniforms and the V-chip.

His endorsement of these two initiatives won him praise and criticism from both sides of the aisle. It also helped set the stage for a run of political successes over the next 10 months that culminated not only in his victory over Bob Dole in November, but in Democrats picking up seats in Congress, as well.

And what about George Bush and what’s the lesson for Republicans in the mid-terms this year? Read it in its entirey and find out…

There’s A Big Family Business In Chicago. Guess what it is..

George Bush Went To Florida And Saw Someone But Was Notably Restrained. Guess who?

Is America’s Infrastructure
falling apart?

All We Can Say About This Is:

He’s Politically Incorrect But He’s Great: Carlos Mencia

Nancy Pelosi:
Is she an effective Democratic leader or should Republicans be joyous?

And While We’re On The Subject, On The Vision Thing do Democrats have it, or need it?

Old Mississippi Racism:
Is it dead and, if not, is Gov. Haley Barbour keeping it alive?

The 2006 Midterm Elections could be a test of the power of incumbency.

Skull And Bones:
Was a Bush family member involved in stealing American leader Geronimo’s skull?

Did Karl Rove Invent The Internet? Bull Moose thinks it looks that way…