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Posted by on Jul 10, 2006 in At TMV | 2 comments

Around The Sphere July 10, 2006

Our linkfest offering you reading from varying viewpoints.

Is There A Rising Moderate-Liberal Democratic “Star” In Tennessee? Sounds that way.

The Joe Lieberman Debate (Over Lieberman Himself) Continues: Some think he’s a kind of JFK and others make the case “no way.”

Copyright Stupidity:
Are the courts perpetuating it?

The UN Piles On Israel and blames it for the Palestinian humanitarian crisis.

Pondering Teddy Roosevelt: Who IS he closer to…modern day Republicans or modern day Democrats (or neither)?

The Fugitive: These days would he run for Congress?

People Who Get Busted For Drugs In Foreign Countries Are In For Long Prison Terms
unless they have a pal who is a powerful Senator.

The Clash Of Civilizations In The Terrorism War may not be so simple that it can be explained on a bumper sticker.

Some Think Republicans Have Repudiated Democracy Promotion: Oxblog’s David Adesnik isn’t so sure but he is sure of who he wants to be president in 2008.