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Posted by on Apr 22, 2006 in At TMV | 0 comments

Around The ‘Sphere April 22, 2006

Our linkfest taking you to some interesting posts from all over the blogo-you-know-what. Links refect various viewpoints that may not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Moderate Voice.

The President Made A Major Assertion About FISA and The Gun Toting Liberal takes a look at it and argues you should file it under “duh.”

Is There Hope For The White House?
The independent-thinking and (refreshingly) unpredictable John Cole doubts it and tells you why:

Regardless of Rove’s new legal troubles, from a policy standpoint, I think there is no salvation for this administration. They have no power in Congress as Republicans with a brain are running like hell from them, they have surrendered their moral authority (IMHO) on matters of privacy, individual liberty, and fiscal restraint, as well as on issues regarding torture and the like, and the next two years are simply going to be damage control for the GOP. I fully expect two years of contentious battles over nothing, demonization of everyone who dares disagree with the party line du jour, and then, after the 2008 election no matter what the outcome, a distancing from the previous 8 years.

But Aren’t The Democrats In Trouble, Too and heading for a “crack up?” Blogs for Bush’s Mark Noonan thinks so.

An Open Letter To White House Chief Of Staff Joshua Bolten
has been written by Jesus’ General, who offers some constructive ideas on who should replace Scott McClellan as White House press secretary.

So What’s The “Real Deal” On China? China Law Blog has some ideas. Here’s one: “China is not going to float its currency soon so the United States would be wise to move on to other issues.”

The Timing Of The Crackdown On Companies That Hire Illegal Immigrants: Is it suspcious? Latino Pundit has some ideas…

Yet Another (Generalized) Attack By A Media Type On “Blogs”: They just don’t get it…

Riding The U.S. Rails: YES..Trains are STILL AROUND, even though some politicos seemingly are trying to kill them. And riding a train can be a wonderful, refreshing experience.

“Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign…” but sometimes they might not show what the person has in mind…

The News Makes Ron Coleman Wonder
what ever happened to the school AV Club? (I think it’s still around but it’s AVW now which stands for “Automatic Velocity Weapons…”)

The Election To Fill Disgraced And Resigned Republican Congressman “Duke” Cunningham’s Seat in Congress has just gotten more complicated.

Here’s Proof that a blogger can be crazy (well, we know this site offers it every day…but not as much as what you’ll see on that link..)

Did You Notice The Bait And Switch Rhetorical Defense On Rumsfeld? The respected blog Intel Dump (which specializes in military and security affairs analysis) did. Read it here.

The Debate Over Marijuana: Has it gone to pot?

Today’s The Big Election Day In New Orleans and Polimom (who used to live there so she knows what she’s talking about… which is part of the reason the Houston Chronicle also has her do a blog) asks: Does New Orleans need a Republican?

The White House Shuffle described in sports terms.

Immigration In Georgia: The state government cracks down.

Will The SPIRIT Of The Late John Lennon Be Contacted on TV? Read Skippy HERE for details (and a bonus 4 U).