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Posted by on Apr 30, 2007 in At TMV | 0 comments

Any Book Agents Out There?

UNC Law Professor Eric Muller has been detailing on his blog the fascinating story of his Great Uncle Leo. A German war hero in WWI, Leo was slaughtered by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Professor Muller decided to track down all the information he could about his uncle, and succeeded in reconstructing much of his life (as well as recovering the medals he won during World War I). Professor Muller has collected all the posts he wrote on the story now at this link–they make for a fascinating read.

Several readers have asked if he will write a book about the story, and Professor Muller (who already has written one of the definitive books on Japanese Internment) has expressed interest. He wants to know if anyone can point him to a literary agent. So if any of y’all are in the know on that score, and find his story (and the story of his search for the story) interesting, drop him a line.