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Posted by on Jul 23, 2006 in At TMV | 50 comments

Anti-Semitism from the Left

Comments from a friend who is a professional historian, full professor of history and life-long Democrat:

This concerns me as a Democrat, and as an observer that antisemitism today comes mostly from the left (Pat Buchanan excepted).

Excerpted from elsewhere:

When the House voted 410-8 in favor of a resolution “condemning the recent attacks against the State of Israel, holding terrorists and their state-sponsors accountable for such attacks, [and] supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.” Here’s a list of the 12 congressional reps. who declined to support Israel:

Voting “no”

Neil Abercrombie (D., Hawaii)
John Conyers (D., Mich.)
John Dingell (D., Mich.)
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D., Mich.)
Jim McDermott (D., Wash.)
Ron Paul (R., Texas)
Nick Rahall (D., W.Va.)
Fortney Hillman Stark Jr. (D., Calif.)

Voting “present”

Marcy Kaptur (D., Ohio)
Dennis Kucinich (D., Ohio)
Barbara Lee (D., Calif.)
Maxine Waters (D., Calif.)
Except Ron Paul, who was the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in 1988 and who essentially opposes all foreign policy, all of these are liberal Democrats.