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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Media, Politics | 11 comments

Glenn Beck Selling Anti-Roberts “Coward” T-Shirt

Mediaite reports that former Fox News star talker and current conservative web and talk radio star Glenn Beck was furious over the Supreme Court decision on health care reform. He called George W. Bush (get ready for this now, Mr. Bush, this will be brutal)…a “progressive” and is now selling this John Roberts themed t-shirt on his website. It gives us this screen shot:

This kind of name calling reaction from partisans is why many independents choose to remain independents. Suddenly Roberts is a coward and a RINO — even though it’s highly unlikely his conservative critics will be saying that in the future.

But, hey, it sells: it hits hot buttons (this time against a justice who was considered a brilliant best bud until yesterday morning), can motivate voters to vote (get more conservative judges than the conservative judges who are either cowards or RINOS), and can make some big $$$$ along the way.

Beck will make enough in pre-orders alone of these t-shirts to keep him set in cases of tear-inducing eye drops for years.

And if he can come up with a special extra-extra-extra extra large, Rush Limbaugh will buy one, too.