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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Crime, Law, Politics | 6 comments

Anti-Democrat Violence in Texas

[Note: The author of this post lives in Texas.]
An email just came in from the chairman of the Texas Democratic Party detailing the latest vandalism and violence in Lubbock.

On Tuesday night, just mere hours after I addressed Democratic supporters at an Early Vote rally in Lubbock County, a local Democrat was assaulted by four men vandalizing Democratic and Obama yard signs.

Lubbock has experienced a high level of recent vandalism targeting Democratic yard signs. Hundreds of Obama yard signs have been stolen from neighborhoods all across Lubbock. Over half a dozen large 4×4 and 4×8 signs have been stolen, vandalized, or shot. And two 4×4 signs were vandalized with the n-word written multiple times and mustard sprayed all over the signs.

On Tuesday night, Leo Flores watched over some signs with a video camera. Just days prior, Lubbock Republican Party County Chair Carl Tepper had said, “I have a weird suspicion that the Democrats might have damaged their own signs. It’s an outlandish story.”

Leo wanted to capture proof that Democrats in Lubbock County were being targeted, and to disprove the absurd Republican talking point that they had caused the vandalism themselves.

At about 2a.m. four men drove up to attack the signs. Leo was there with his camera on, and called 911. The vandals then jumped in their truck and went to where Leo stood. They attempted to take his camera and punched the volunteer in his face. Throughout all of this, Leo kept his camera on.

The Lubbock police have now released that video…

Down here in west central Texas, things seem to be calmer — though a lot of Obama signs have been vandalized, according to reports…


Of course, racism plays its nasty role in this… And, of course, the Republicans in Lubbock would like to brush this off… And, finally, no charges have been filed.

The Lubbock County Democrats turned the video over to Lubbock Police Wednesday after filing a police report. No charges have been filed against the men in the video.

“This is beyond a partisan thing, even though that is wrapped up in this, we still need to talk about this because it is not okay to call someone a racial slur,” said Lubbock County Democrat Chair Kenny Ketner.

Ketner and Flores both say that not only is it an issue that people are still vandalizing signs, but a bigger issue is the use of racial slurs.

“I think the public needs to see this so that we can have that serious discussion about racism,” said Ketner.

“We need to talk about this in the city, and address this racial problems, secret racial problems that we have in the city,” said Flores.

Lubbock County Republican Chair Carl Tepper said he hopes this issue can be put behind everyone now that police are involved. …


I admit there have been times when I’ve hoped Obama would lose — for his own safety. If he wins, I don’t think the anger,threats, and violence are going to go away. If anything, they’ll probably get worse.

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