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Posted by on Nov 2, 2019 in Humor, Impeachment, Satire | 0 comments

An impeachment duet to the tune of “I Feel Pretty”

Maria singing “I Feel Pretty” in the movie version of “West Side Story”

By Laurie Baron

“I feel petty
Oh, so petty
I feel petty, and full of spite.
And I’m ready
To defame the Dems I have to fight.

It’s a witch hunt.
It’s a lynching.
There’s no wincing from my perfect call.
And ignoring
Subpoenas as a way to stall.

Hear the Donald withholding aid,
Investigate the Bidens for me.
Such a small request.
To do at my behest
For an ally
To harm my enemy?

I feel immune
And empowered
Like Article One doesn’t exist.
The base loves me.
If you cross me, you’ll be on my blacklist.”


Have you met the President named Trump,
The bully who threatens free speech?
He lies and abuses his powers.
And that’s why it’s time to impeach.

He thinks it’s unfair.
He thinks it’s a coup.
It looks like he erred.
But can he rue?

He’s so petty
Oh, so petty
He’s so petty, and full of spite.
The House is ready.
Adam will lead the fight!

Baron is professor emeritus of history at San Diego State University. He may be contacted via [email protected] San Diego Jewish World points out to new readers that this column is satire, and nothing herein should be taken literally. This article is reprinted from San Diego Jewish World which, along with The Moderate Voice is a member of the San Diego Online News Association.