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Posted by on Jan 16, 2018 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, 2018 Elections, Bigotry, Breaking News, Budget, Democracy, Government, Immigration, Media, Mental Health, Mental Health, Politics, Race | 0 comments

America’s Stable Genius Leader

American citizens should thank God that we have a stable genius leading our country. A very smart man (just ask him) with strong ideals and ideas is at the helm of our shit of state (misspelling) ship of state, making certain that it does not run aground. Not only is he admired in America, but government officials around the world and citizens of virtually every nation wonder how America wound up with someone like Donald Trump in the White House.

How many times have we heard our great leader make some derogatory statement, then retract it hours or days later, even denying that he actually said what he said? This is certainly a sign of stability and intelligence in a person when he or she will not take responsibility for what he or she said, or perhaps has forgotten his words. In the last week, this has happened at least twice, with Trump denying his statements and others corroborating them. Of course, some Trump supporters also denied that he had used the words he supposedly did. But they are either hard of hearing or claim that he didn’t say ‘shithole’ because he actually said ‘shithouse,’ or vice versa.

This occurred in a bipartisan meeting of some of the leaders of Congress with the president to discuss DACA, immigration, the budget, and the possibility of a government shitdown (misspelling again) shutdown. In this meeting, the president was apparently angered and wanted to know why we had to take in immigrants from shithole or shithouse places like Haiti or Africa instead of nations like Norway. (Does the president have some secret information he is not sharing with American citizens that there are thousands of Norwegians lined up waiting to come to America?) He subsequently denied using the words shithouse or shithole in describing Haiti and Africa. This was apparently after he had bragged to a number of friends about what he had done and the way it would energize his base. And anyway, some of his best golfing buddies are Haitians.

Senator Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois was infuriated by Trump’s words and said so to the press after the meeting. Senator Graham, a Republican from South Carolina verified Durban’s statement, while Republicans Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia, strong supporters of Trump, denied that Trump had used the terms that he did. Trump’s statements and the flap between the two parties may kill DACA, immigration reform, and a budget deal, possibly leading to a government shutdown. White House personnel have said that it is not uncommon for Trump to be using the language that he was said to have employed.

The second disagreement occurred with reporters from the Wall Street Journal. In an interview our stable genius leader had granted, he stated that he was a good friend of Kim Jung-un, the great leader of North Korea. People started wondering if there was a secret phone link between the U.S. and North Korea to allow the two leaders to become buddies. Subsequently, Trump denied that he had said he was a friend of Kim’s though the reporters had tapes which appeared to verify Trump’s words.

This scenario is a recurring storyline between Trump and the press. And whenever there is a quote of Trump’s that is being used by the press that he doesn’t like, he merely passes it off as fake news. His base tends to believe Trump because they don’t do independent investigations or look at multiple news sources.

So thank God we have such a clever, cunning, crafty, crooked man as the leader of our country, who can say and not say the same things and have citizens accept what he has said, and people in the same room hear and not hear his words. Maybe he is just preparing himself for negotiations with China or some other great, amazing, brilliant, fantastic, trade deal he is cooking up to bring jobs back to America, or to make Mexico pay for the border wall.

Resurrecting Democracy
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