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Posted by on Aug 27, 2009 in International, Places, Politics, Religion, War | 2 comments

America’s Duty to Iraq: Azzaman, Iraq

Carnage outside the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Baghdad, August 19. At least 100 were killed.

For those tempted to think that America’s involvement in Iraq is drawing to a close, this article by Fateh Abdulsalam of Iraq’s Azzaman newspaper might come as a rude awakening.

According to Abdulsalam, the government is either winking at or directly involved in the truck bombings and attacks of recent weeks – and it may well require U.S. forces to go in and deal with the mess.

So who’s responsible for the attacks? Abdulsalam suggests it isn’t the usual terrorist suspects, but the very parties and factions that back the current government and fear losing influence after the upcoming elections in January.

For Azzaman, Abdulsalam writes in part:

“Without doubt, the political elite know the predicament they’re in. And they know the elections are no solution – because it is they who are largely responsible for the problem. … Days ago, after the terrifying explosions that occurred in Baghdad and Mosul, the prime minister [Maliki] said that there are groups working again, to push Iraqi elements into sectarian and racial enmity. Implicitly, therefore, he suggests that the factions behind Iraq’s recent troubles are already known, and that they have no connection to the usual story about terrorists.

“This is all evidence that the situation is deteriorating and that rivers of blood may soon flow again. Washington has a historic and moral responsibility to prevent this, even if it requires the use of force against factions involved in the game of shedding Iraq’s blood and fueling this hell.”

By Fateh Abdulsalam

Translated By James Jacobson and Nicolas Dagher

August 16, 2009

Iraq – Azzaman – Original Article (Arabic)

Promises that the upcoming elections [January, 2010] will resolve Iraq’s problems are just an attempt to perpetuate a delusion in the minds of the people. The polls will only succeed in leading them further astray from the central issues in wretched Iraq: sorting out the American position that is now only beginning to take shape and addressing the confusion within the governing parties, all of which are struggling to maintain the gains they have won. These elections won’t bring greater security.

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