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Posted by on Mar 30, 2010 in International, Media, Miscellaneous, Places, Politics, Science & Technology, War | 0 comments

American Missile Shield ‘Lies’: AZI, Romania

Is the American missile shield in Europe meant to defend against an Iranian missile attack, as the U.S. claims, or is it a thinly-disguised offensive weapon aimed at Russia – which endangers the nations that host it? For Romania’s AZI newspaper, Razvan Voncu warns his countrymen about turning Romania into ‘an American ballistic missile base.’

For AZI, Razvan Voncu writes in part:

Thus, the first lie about the “shield” is simply that it’s a shield, i.e. an instrument of protection. Anyone who has served in the army knows that any allegedly defensive weapons can change in an instant into offensive ones. Moreover, those who possess defensive weapons aren’t exempt from becoming targets for opponents.

The second lie is that the “shield” is meant to protect Europe. If that were so, European countries would be interested, particularly the developed ones (France, Germany, Italy). But as the NATO command very clearly emphasized, the “shield” is a strictly American affair. Are the French and Germans led by morons; is Traian B?sescu the only patriotic president in Europe?

The third lie is that the “shield” will protect Europe from Iranian missiles. If that were so, the first country to be interested would have to be Turkey. In terms of military importance, Turkey is the fourth most important NATO state, and yet it isn’t the least interested in hosting elements of the anti-missile shield. This is a sign that the so-called Iranian threat doesn’t exist. This is a blatant lie meant to lay public concerns to rest.

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