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Posted by on Jul 8, 2012 in Health | 1 comment

Adventists Live Longer

Who knew?

Dr. Gary Frazer conducted a survey comparing lifestyles of Adventists to non-Adventists. “The men were living about seven years longer, and the women about four-and-a-half years longer than their non-Adventist neighbors,” Frazer said.

And how come? “We believe that there’s about four or five different factors that we were able to identify,” he said. “Being a vegetarian seemed to help. Being careful about your body weight, like, not being too thin or not being overweight. Interestingly, people who ate nuts four or five times a week, just small amounts every day, seemed to benefit. People who have never been a smoker. And the last one was, being careful with your physical activity, and being sure that you exercised vigorously three or four times a week.”

There are other factors to longevity. CBS Sunday Morning reports on them. The Adventists Health study.