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Posted by on Jul 28, 2017 in Economy, Government, Health, Law, Politics, Society | 0 comments

ACA Repeal Fails, McCain Votes No

So the Kabuki theater that is the Senate debate over ACA repeal is complete and as predicted the repeal did not pass with Senator McCain joining Senators Murkowski and Collins in voting no.

It was in my view and overly elaborate bit of theater that reminds me of an old Chinese saying which roughly translates to taking down your pants to fart.

I could hope that rational voices in both parties would come together to try and fix what is a flawed law with a reasonable and plausible replacement.

But of course that is not going to happen in large part due to the hard-line bases of both parties which will not allow any form of compromise.
So the system we now have will continue to make its way to eventual implosion while reasonable options like allowing cross-state purchases, changing the medical device provisions and so on will be ignored

Similarly hardliners in Governor’s mansions will refuse to work with the plans to make them work and instead will adopt partisan positions

How sad

(I am working on my own suggestions and hope to post on that in the near future)