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Posted by on Mar 7, 2013 in Economy, Featured, Politics | 6 comments

About the Sequester Battle: Who’s Winning So Far?

Milt Priggee,

First, Greg Sargent:

Signs are that Dems will end up agreeing with some version of the GOP approach of funding the government at sequester levels through September. It’s true, as Brian Beutler has reported, that House Dems will withhold support for the GOP bill to force Republicans to pass it on their own and that Senate Dems are pressing for some changes to mitigate the sequester’s impact on non defense spending. These things could lead to a shutdown. But Dems are looking beyond the shutdown deadline and are now shaping their strategy around the belief that they’re in for a much longer, drawn out war than they’d previously expected. …Sargent, WaPo

Sargent refers us to Jonathan Chait who says the Republicans are “giddy” right now and, of course, “entrenched.” “…The GOP is already celebrating its victory,” he writes, “even speaking of their great triumph in the past tense, as a done deal… ”

(“This was a necessary win for Republicans,” exults a GOP aide) while liberals are already bemoaning Obama’s miscalculation.

The great Republican budget victory may yet arrive. It certainly hasn’t happened yet, and it’s far from certain if it ever will. …Chait,nymag

So there’s uncertainty about who’ll take the blame. But we already have a damn good idea who’s going to pay for the consequences.

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