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Posted by on Feb 24, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

A Veteran’s Special Operation Thank You

We often say it: the “Indepundit” Citizen Smash has long been one of our favorite websites. It’s written by guy who made world news when he doggedly blogged from the field as part of 2003’s Operation Iraqi Freedom. He then continued Lt. Smash as Citizen Smash, a conservative-leaning (but not always) blog. He truly deserves the subname of his blog “The IndePundit” and we assign the phrase that coming from TVM is the highest praise: he is an independent thinker.

I’ve often told journalists, bloggers (and on a local TV appearance about blogging) that Citizen Smash is required reading because he often writes some truly original, heartfelt stuff. He has also done some original reporting — something you do not see on many weblogs (which often resemble extended op-ed pages).

And today he has this MUST READ for everyone on the right or left. He details how attending an anti-war rally (he just attended, sat and took notes he did not disrupt) changed his life. If you’re on the left, read it from HIS PERSPECTIVE of how what was being said hit him as veteran who lost friends. If you’re on the right, read it soaking in his NOBILITY, how he attended and did not disrupt or heckle them, even though he disagreed with them.

And everyone should read it to see how what was said changed his life. Is this the goal of people on the left? That rally he attended was clearly counterproductive. And to those on the right: how often does your demonization make people on the left go out and work against you? Smash’s post shows that he pondered the way to make the biggest long-term impact.

Then note the kind of counter rally he is planning. One that simply says Thank You to troops — a simple positive political statement, minus demonization. Actually, it’s a statement with which many on the left might (and should) agree because they are at odds with the policymakers, not the people sent over to do their assigned jobs.

But read it and realize: Smash is for real. He’s not Libertarian Girl with a military name.

FOOTNOTE: I can attest to the fact he exists since it turns out he lives about 5 minutes from my home and invited me to join him and other bloggers on election night. He is not a fictional or egotistical creation. What you read is what he is.