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Posted by on Mar 21, 2009 in Economy, Politics | 0 comments

A Start For Stimulus Show-and-Tell

State by state, the Recovery Scoreboard is lighting up with projects to be funded by some of the $787 billion Congress passed last month to get the economy moving again.

Just keeping track of the money, let alone spending it wisely, is going to be a monumental job as governors appoint overseeing groups and, in some cases, “czars” to make sure the money is not fraudulently or stupidly spent.

The web site is getting almost 4,000 hits a second, according to the chairman of the federal Transparency and Accountability Board, but it’s not clear how many of the viewers are concerned citizens or job seekers looking to get to the money tap.

Residents of every state can click on the interactive map and get, along with a self-puffing picture and message from their governor, a breakdown, with varying degrees of detail, on the projects about to get going in their area.

State officials are under pressure to move projects fast and efficiently.

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