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Posted by on Jan 23, 2012 in Politics | 2 comments

A Song Mitt Romney Voters Seem to Feel Bain Capital Tainted Mitt Romney Needs to Understand?

One of the shockers that came out in the final South Carolina Republican Presidential primary vote was that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney mainly got voters who made over $200,000 — a factor that would doom him if he gets the nomination. With the talk of his role in slicing jobs at companies acquired by Bain Capital and the controversy over his taxes, voters seem to feel he reminds them more of a cold boss than someone they’d like to have in the White House. The Politico reports that Romney now has a real, tangible Bain Capital problem.

So perhaps this song from the revival of “How to Succeed in Business” is what voters are trying to say to Romney…to convince them that he gets it:

Just imagine Romney in the chorus line of this number, doing the dance moves.

–The young star of this number is Daniel Radcliffe, aka “Harry Potter.”
–This is a highly abridged version of one of the show’s biggest show-stoppers.
–Radcliffe won the role and had to do intense prep for his performance — more than anyone who did it in the past.
–He had to learn to dance and perfect the dance moves. Which he did.
–He had to learn to speak and sing in a perfect American accent, since he is British.
–He won rave reviews. His interpretation of this part is quite different from the way the part’s originator Robert Morse played it. Reviewers and audiences found his character a office politics expert but quite endearing. Morse played it as more of a brown nose. Radcliffe gave the character some extra layers.

I’m on a national trip which will have me driving around the country nearly 7 months from last September through the end of May. The Broadway cast album of this revival is one of a batch of new CDs I took with me — and it is superb. And HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: