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Posted by on May 2, 2009 in Politics | 15 comments

A New High in Right Wing Humor

As one of the regularly appearing authors at Pajamas Media, as well as here at The Moderate Voice, I am frequently called upon to employ the humor and satire tags, covering my occasional efforts to bring a smile to your faces during tough times in he political arena. But few, if any, of my efforts at comedy have been as funny as an entry this week from John Hawkins. “The Right Needs to Play as Dirty as the Left.”

Too often today, liberals are using below-the-belt tactics against conservatives and paying no price whatsoever. Meanwhile, those on the right like to pat themselves on the back for being above it all. This is like a boxer priding himself on never taking off his gloves while his opponent nearly beats him to death with his bare firsts. [sic] But in the end, there’s not much to be said for lovable losers. Conservatives should realize that fair play isn’t going to pay any dividends.

I’ll give you all a moment to dry your eyes and compose yourselves. I’m not sure where John got the idea for this piece, but it’s genius. If he’s running short on cash, Comedy Central may be interested in spinning off a miniseries based on it.

Let’s be clear, here: I’m not saying that the Left are saints and haven’t delivered their fair share of spit balls, mud slinging and low blows. They most assuredly have. But we’re talking about the GOP here. These are the folks who gave us the Willie Horton ad. Let us not forget the White Hands ad. And need we even bother to point out that this is the party which has now and forever edited our political dictionary to include “swift boating” as the lowest form of political assasination?

And, of course, this is the same John Hawkins who, during the last election, went on and on about how Barack Obama was a whitey hating, anti-white, white, white reverse racist, not to mention describing the president as some sort of “vapid Bambi.”

One is left wondering what Mr. Hawkins thinks Right wing criticism will look like when “the gloves come off.” Politics has been a dirty game for a long time, sir. Certainly as long as I can remember. (And that’s longer than you can, I assure you.) Efforts to paint one party or the other as being somehow timid about slinging mud at their opponents is transparent and futile.