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Posted by on Mar 23, 2012 in At TMV | 6 comments

A Couple First Amendment Stories

A couple of interesting First Amendment related stories in the news. For those who don’t know I am pretty absolutist when it comes to free speech. I recognize that there are circumstances where you may have to impose limits, but when I read “Congress Shall Make No Law” it seems to me that the language is clear.

In the first case the LA City Council passed a non binding resolution focused against Clear Channel Radio calling for them to eliminate “all sexist and racist language”.

Now I have been critical of what Rush said, but I cannot help reflecting on the fact that the resolution did not mention hostile language used on television or other places in radio. Once again it seems like language is only bad when used by one end of the spectrum…

In another case a Marine is facing the prospect of discharge for operating a Facebook page in which he is critical of President Obama’s political views.

Now I do understand the need for discipline in the military but at the same time I do not see why a soldier should not be able to express some political views. From a look at the Facebook page (Armed Forces Tea Party) he does not seem to have made any representations that the page is from the military, he did not appear in uniform, etc.

The USMJ does allow servicemebers to express their political views as long as they do not wear the uniform or imply they are speaking on behalf of the military.

It seems to me that since he is fighting for our freedom he ought to be able to exercise some of it, as long as doing so does not interfere with his job.

What say you gang ??