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Posted by on Sep 7, 2019 in At TMV | 0 comments

TMV – Financial Stability

By now many of you have seen the post from Joe Gandelman about the financial situation with The Moderate Voice. Like most of you here, I consider this site as a gathering of friends. Like any friendship we may bicker with each other occasionally but on the whole everyone of you would be welcome in my home. Like friends we share our thoughts, criticism and even dreams with each other. In all my wanderings around the Internet, I have never found a site as welcoming as TMV, even when we disagree with each other. I think TMV is truly unique among all the Blogs I have visited.

To keep TMV going, Joe has been relying on diminished ad revenues as well as occasional fund raisers. Joe and Tyrone devote considerable hours each week to keep TMV alive and up to date. They deserve our continuing gratitude and support.

What I am proposing is to try to give TMV a continuing floor of revenue rather than relying on the ups and downs of fund raisers. To that end, I would like the TMV’ers to convert their gifts to TMV to monthly donations. GoFundMe makes this easy as you can choose a monthly gift that is charged to your credit card. I am a firm believer in the concept of “having skin in the game”. In other words, by committing a monthly contribution to TMV, you are more likely to visit the site frequently and join in some of our lively discussions. This does not mean that Joe will not have to have an occasional fund raiser in the future but maybe there will be less of a need.

Each of our personal financial situations are different so don’t be concerned with the size of your monthly contribution. I don’t care if it is $1.00 or $5.00 per month, or whatever amount your personal situation allows. What is important is the TMV have a steady monthly flow of basic income so Joe can properly plan.

To that end I will match monthly the sum of ALL monthly contributions made by TMV’ers. Lets get started!!!