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Posted by on Jun 19, 2018 in At TMV | 0 comments

Baby and toddler shelters for children of asylum-seeking parents latest moral abomination


From the article:

“The shelters aren’t the problem, it’s taking kids from their parents that’s the problem,” said South Texas pediatrician Marsha Griffin, who has visited many.

Tonight on Twitter, someone wrote:

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton.
She wasn’t perfect.
She “lost.”

But I am PROUD to have voted for a woman who spent her ENTIRE LIFE trying to improve the lives of kids.

And she’d NEVER separate kids from their parents.

I responded:

Perhaps not. But she would have countenanced virtually limitless late-term abortions. What is happening at the border is a moral abomination. But neither party is pro-life. Neither really cares about ALL children, just the children of their choice.

Even as we stand against the Trump Administration’s anti-life and anti-family policy of taking children from their asylum-seeking parents, we must not forget that neither party is entirely pro-child or pro-family. Children, like immigrants with dark skin who don’t speak English, are easy targets for marginalization and demonization. And none of it, contrary to the Attorney General, can be supported by the Bible.