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Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Politics, Science & Technology | 0 comments

Leading Illinois Republican legislator resigns abruptly

Illinois House Republican floor leader Rep. Ron Sandack resigned abruptly Sunday evening, citing recent “cyber security issues”.

The Daily Herald reported:

Sandack had been facing a re-election race in November and is well known in Illinois politics for his heavy use of Twitter and Facebook… Last week, some of Sandack’s social media accounts disappeared, raising questions because he’s so vocal on the platforms.

Gizmodo noted that:

In June, Rep. Sandack appeared on The Daily Show in a segment about Illinois’s budget crisis, which has resulted in the state withholding money from social service providers, like those that support homeless youth, government contractors, and state colleges. In the segment, Sandack defended Bruce Rauner, Illinois’s Republican Governor, for vetoing the state budget.

Sandack represents the 81st district southwest of Chicago and has been involved in elected politics since 2007. He is a partner at the Chicago law firm of Gaido & Fintzen.

Featured image: Death to the Stock Photo