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Posted by on Dec 12, 2015 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Featured, Islam, Politics, Satire | 1 comment

President Trump: 2018… by Dr. Arif Ahmad

The year is 2018.
The American president is none other than Donald Trump.
Well, let me walk you through how it happened.

Initially, Trump was put on house arrest for inciting hatred, civil war, and violence.

That is when it came to light that the real estate mogul he was, he already owned half the country, so the house arrest literally became meaningless.

Terrorism and the terrorist attacks grew several folds and had everyone guessing why.

After a landmark study, Pew Research Center came up with the explanation.
The study found that each of the daily 50-100 bombs dropped by the West, on average was killing two terrorists, twenty bystanders who had nothing to do with terrorism and creating hundreds of new terror recruits as a result.

Their conclusion was that ISIS and its likes were products of wars, feed off wars and the best way to choke them was to shut off the business of wars.

They also suggested that the humankind should decide if it would like to swim or sink together as it is not possible to have utter chaos in half the planet and complete normalcy in the other.

Not only that, with no Gun control in sight on the local front mass shootings and murders became rampant.

So in short the American public had its fill and Trump was elected President with a rather comfortable majority.

I was incarcerated for being his vocal critic, a thankless, brown, Muslim, first generation American.

That was till I broke the code that earned me my freedom.
Yes, I devised the strategy to stop the killings and make the world a safe place again.

It is easy for me to take deep credit for it but actually it was a spur of the moment thing.

Legend has it that Coke was advised to “Bottle it” and the sales took off and the rest is history.

On similar lines, my solution for world peace was, “Armor it.”
Yes, put armor, steel and other metal around whatever needs to be protected.

So now people walk around in bullet or bomb-proof armor depending on the situation and the locale.

A commoner walks in a steel armor while a king in a gold one. I have also heard about gold armors studded with diamonds.

The flying bullets, though plenty, do not kill anymore but rather have become bragging points as they ping off the metal.

The world economy has grown several folds thanks to this idea of mine and especially in the manufacturing sector with the production of arms, ammunition and their protective equipment skyrocketing.

The world finally has found its mojo, is at peace with itself and a safe place all over again.

It is not a done deal yet, but there are rumors going around that President Trump and myself may get nominated for a shared Nobel Peace Prize.

It looks like we are going to be awarded either way as President Trump has threatened the Nobel committee to hand us the award or he would start his own categorically competing “Not so Noble Prize.”

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and satire.

Dr. Ahmad writes from Wisconsin: “Love my work and my patients. Happily married with two kids in College. Writes [a]… blog I call “The Optimist,””