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Posted by on Jan 24, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Peek_9 …at The New Democrat, an exciting new site. We’re always very happy when we see a moderate or centrist site pop up. We also love the many sites we visit on the left and right  (our blogroll on this site is NOT for show) — but like to see new ones in the middle, too. And this one looks like it’s going to be GREAT. Even the concept:

It was started by "Max Burns, a 17-year-old moderate Democrat with the belief that the Democratic Party must be pulled back to the center if it ever hopes to take back the midwest and the south. This requires making some hard choices and admitting we’ve been defeated for four straight years in Congressional and Presidential elections. Together we can bring the Democratic Party back to its noble roots as the party of Jefferson and Jackson. With teamwork, the Democratic Party can again become a tool to help the people."

OH: one thing needs to be repeated. Because someone is a centrist or a moderate doesn’t mean they can’t take a stand — and a firm stand. The New Democrat does, whether you agree with its stands or not.

And we will only say this once because this is NOT why we urge you to look at the site. The New Democrat now joins the ranks of a growing number of excellent weblogs done by young people who have ideas and the talent to express them well and provocatively. We only mention the age of a writer once, then link to it for its posts (God forbid anyone mentions MY age…).

Take A Peek and we’re sure you’ll peek at The New Democrat often.