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Posted by on Jun 28, 2007 in Media, Politics | 14 comments

You Know Who (Who Doesn’t Like John Edwards) Is Now The Victim

We’ll still going to try to pass on saying her name and even indirectly promoting her, but you can watch this for yourself:

And we won’t say more expect to suggest for other views on The Saga you read THIS,THIS,THIS, THIS, — and our PREVIOUS POST HERE.

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  • DLS

    I don’t like him. He’s a BSer who has never lost his ambulance-chasing touch for appealing to the emotions of people. (No wonder he and his “sunny” manner are very popular among Democrats.)

    I’d still say Obama should be VP if he can’t beat Hillary Clinton. But don’t be surprised if Edwards becomes it.

    Well, at least it means better, less painful press conferences if Edwards speaks rather than Dubya.

  • DLS

    Ann Coulter (grow up, libs) has been a victim of hate from the left, and continues to be one, but she’s hardly blameless. Scummy has been more like it lately.

  • DLS

    Ann Coulter. Hero. Patriot. Victim.

  • If she is a victim, it is of her own hate. If she wants to be treated well by anyone, right or left, she should do the same, you know, ‘do unto others’, rather than whining about being called on her hate.

  • Somebody

    She is no fool. This whining only gets her more attention and makes everyone laugh at her and run out and get her next book.

    Secondly if you really analyzed what is going on. Edwards and company as far back as 2002 started using their son for political hay yet when Coulter jumps into the fray then Ms. Edwards makes brownie points for saying xyz.

    Again I will reiterate that Coulter wants Edwards and the far left to be the presidential candidate. The Left Threw Kerry a far lefty (who then hired Edwards a far lefty to be his VP) at Bush when any other candidate would have beaten Bush hands down.

    The repubs want Edwards…..Coulter is going after ONLY Edwards….She is getting him votes. She has chosen him so that the democrats hopefully make the same mistake….rally to the FAR LEFT of their party and make them unelectable.

  • Somebody,

    I don’t think Edwards or Kerry for that matter, are far left. I think the attack on Edwards is more out of fear of the fact of his electability rather than wanting him to run. That is why they go after such non-issues such as his hair rather than his actual position on policies. At this point in the race, according to the polls anyway, all Democratic candidates have a good chance of winning as long as they are not a Republican.

  • kritter

    DLS- Someone who only cares about how increased media exposure translates into mega book sales is hardly a patriot.

    And if you watch the interview, you see that Coulter was not blindsided- the producers of Hardball asked her in advance if she’d take the call from Mrs. Edwards. If she refused, the controversy would be over- but that would mean less media exposure translating into book sales right? Mrs Edwards “attack” consisted of asking Ms Coulter to elevate her political commentary into issues-oriented arguments, rather than mean-spirited personal attacks. You don’t have to be a fan of her husband to agree that concentrating on hate-filled ad hominem attacks-like wishing that Edwards was blown up by terrorists- distracts voters from his stands on the issues.

    To me Coulter’s appeal is even worse- it subsists on intellectual laziness and encourages Conservatives to give in to their basest instincts about the opposition.

  • DLS

    K. Ritter:

    DLS- Someone who only cares about how increased media exposure translates into mega book sales is hardly a patriot.

    I have news for you. I was joking with my paraphrasing of Sam Adams Brewing. While the treatment of her by the Left is predictable (she’s just one, versus uncounted leftists who are as vicious when not more so), I have criticized her behavior on numerous occasions. She is deliberately offensive (doing it likely for dollars).

  • casualobserver

    Ann Coulter is fast becoming the Al Sharpton of the right.

    While they see themselves as aligned with the right and left respectively, the right and the left hardly uniformly align with them.

    Oh, for the days of the understated, dry wit of Buckley in his heyday.

  • Somebody

    Good Ashen Shard. Keep believing that and spreading it around. As a Conservative Republican I want Edwards to be the next Democratic candidate too. Edwards is more liberal then all the rest of the candidates and on top of that is a Trial Lawyer with almost no political experience.

    So Yes Ashen spread your message….He is electable and is the ONLY candidate who stands a chance against the Republicans……………..Please and Thank you.

  • Somebody,

    I don’t think he is more liberal than all the rest of the candidates, Kucinich maybe, not Edwards. And as I stated, all the Democratic candidates stand a good chance of winning. And I don’t understand how being a trial lawyer is a negative. Better than being a sit on your ass lawyer. So rather than throwing around the term ‘trial lawyer’ as an epithet, maybe explaining particular instances of his actions as a trial lawyer which are a negative would help one understand what is so bad about Edwards.

  • Joe, you could have subtitled this post: “Who’s Afraid of Lord Coultervort.”

    It’s the missed opportunities that hurt the most. 😉

  • I agree with Coulter. Resorting to ad hominem attacks (such as calling Coulter a Nazi) demeans the tone of our debates.

    I’m sure glad Coulter never resorts to such tactics.

  • DLS

    Ann Coulter is fast becoming the Al Sharpton of the right.

    If anything, Sharpton is more intelligent because Reverend Al, Baby! [tm] has a bigger-picture goal in mind with his demagoguery, while Coulter just seems gratuitous, downright scummy, or much more exploitive (for the $$$) than Sharpton is.

    Not that I like Reverend Al, Baby! [tm], but Coulter is arguably worse when she chooses to be deliberately offensive.

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