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Posted by on Oct 24, 2008 in Politics | 3 comments

Will The GOP’s Political Base Still Love Sarah Palin Tomorrow?

She strays from the base’s preferred position on a major hot button issue — immigration. A sign that she has an eye on 2012 and feels she needs to broaden her constituency?

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  • pacatrue

    I just like the phrase “neo-roman elitist Andy McCarthy”.

  • Those who want to elevate her to a GOP Evita will excuse her these types of comments, claiming she’s merely accommodating McCain as the VP pick and backing him up to be a pal. There are many on the far-right who never liked McCain to begin with, so any transgressions will be swept under the rug as dutifully supporting McCain so as not to undermine him as the nominee, or excused away as her being sarcastic to the liberal, elitist gotcha MSM. Plus there’s always the old “once I learned more about it” excuse, the or “after I spoke with XYZ-highly-worshipped-somebodies I changed my mind” tact, not to mention the always popular “the state of the nation today” argument (e.g. pre/post-9/11, pre/post-Lehman’s, pre/post-bailout, etc.)

    She’ll be back. The real hope lies with the citizens of Alaska to keep her busy for the remainder of her term as governor and then refuse to elect her into public office ever again (except maybe mayor of Wasilla, a part-time job would be healthy for her.)

  • superdestroyer

    anyone who believes that Palin has a future in national politics is an idiot. She has no more future in 2012 than Dan Quayle had in 2000.

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